Garden Products
All my outdoor products are made from sweet chestnut, a durable hardwood which does not require treating. If you like the rustic style of what I make but do not see what you're looking for then please get in touch as I am happy to consider any designs of your own.
Some products have a standard price whilst others require individual pricing depending on their size and destination. Please contact me for a quote.
Rustic Rose Arches from £185 * (without gate)
                                        £265* (including gate)
rustic rose arch east sussex
rustic rose arch east sussex

Rustic rose arch, East Sussex

rustic rose arch East sussex 

Rustic Palisade Fence from £7 per foot *
rustic fencing East Sussex rustic garden fencing east sussex
rustic fencing  east sussex

Rustic Trellis Fencing from £8.50 per foot *

Rustic fencing East SussexRustic fencing East Sussex


Sweet chestnut fencing East Sussexrustic trellis fencing  east sussex

Rustic fencing East Sussex 

Rustic Gates from £65

Rustic gates east sussex
rustic gates east sussex

Rustic gates east sussexRustic gates east sussex


rustic gates east sussex

Double Gates from £180 per pair
rustic gates  east sussexrustic gates East sussex
Rustic gates East sussex
Rustic gates Battle east sussex
rustic gates, East Sussex


Rustic Pergolas (price on request)
rustic pergolas east sussexrustic pergola east sussex
sweet chestnut pergolas east sussex
rustic pergolas, East Sussex

Rustic Fruit Cages made to measure

Rustic fruit cages

fruit cage east sussex

Cleft Chestnut Woven Panels made to measure, price depends on size,  6ft x 6ft  £65 (+delivery)
woven panels east sussex

woven screen 
 Woven Panels with bark side visible
 Woven Panels with split face visible

Woven panels in situe.
chestnut woven panels east sussex

rustic woven panels, East Sussex

Bark side panels behind an established border
rustic fencing

Panels with split-face/bark-side alternating

rustic fencing

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