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I make small batches of charcoal for sale direct to the customer


I can also offer charcoal making courses and demonstrations with the use of a "mini" kiln

Contact me: 07890 375282

There is a long history of charcoal making in the Battle area stretching at least as far back as Roman times when charcoal was used in the process of iron smelting. Powdermill Lane is named after what was one of the largest gunpowder mills in the country, located near the hotel in 1676. A lot of charcoal would have been made in Powdermill Wood as it is one of the main ingredients in gunpowder.

British charcoal is very easy to light and gets up to cooking temperature in about 20 minutes. Most lumpwood charcoal you see for sale is imported from many miles away (notably South East Asia, South America and West Africa) and is made from unsustainably managed tropical forests where the practice is often illegal.

British made charcoal is considered to be some of the best cooking charcoal in the world. Buying quality, locally produced charcoal not only makes your barbecuing experience more enjoyable but will also help support continued sustainable management of your local woodlands.

Wood stacked and ready to load in to the kiln

The kiln, a burn in progress.

The kiln full of charcoal, a successful burn!

The finished product, get the burgers in !

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