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Interior Furniture

Here are some examples of my furniture. Some items such as the dining chairs can be made in matching sets, whilst other items are one-offs. I can also make copies of chairs you may already own.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Children's Chairs

Oak, ash and elm £370 each  

Oak, Ash and Elm £380

Oak and Ash £360

Copied Chairs

Copy of Ash Ladder-back (around 120 years old) £485


Copy of Ash Ladder-back (around 150 years old)

Ash Rocking Chair with woven Elm bark seating £585

Ash Nursing Chair with woven Elm bark back and seat £595

Oak, Elm and Sweet Chestnut side chair.

1 chair £340

4 chairs £1320

3 legged Ash stool with brown leather upholstered top

  • Can be made to any height
  • • Selection of materials for upholstered top (see Toad Stools for examples)

1 stool £120

4 stools £460

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